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The Charterhouse

If you have ever walked around the Farringdon/Smithfield area you may well have walked round or through Charterhouse Square. The square is has The Charterhouse on one side of it. whose history dates back to 1348. The Charterhouse’s first served as a monastery to the Carthusian monks, giving its name to nearby Carthusian Street; it continues through to the present day serving as an almshouse to ‘brothers’.

The Charterhouse opened to the public in 2017 offering a range of tours in which you will not only learn about the fascinating history but will also see some stunning and very well-maintained interiors. The tours start from £12 and are available Tuesday to Saturday. My personal recommendation is to take one of the tours led by one of the Brothers (not a monk but someone who lives in the on-site almshouses). These are a little more expensive (and longer) but are well worth it for a more personalised tour. That said, if you are short of time or like many I know j can only take in so much information, then the shorter tour is I am sure still very worthwhile.

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