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Baked Blue Cheesecake

Another delicious Ottolenghi star recipe that I have tried and tested for you. Well…, I say I but actually Liora spotted and made this recipe. She assured me that it was easy to make. I can tell confidently tell you though that it was delicious.

We didn’t have the pickled beets but I think they would make a very good accompaniment. I can’t remember what we did have but it would have been a couple of lovely salads. You can also see that we made it one big cheesecake rather than individual servings. How many of us have those little single serving saucepans at home anyway?

Link to recipe


If you make one large cheesecake as we did, then Mr Ottolenghi says you will need to double the base mix and increase the cooking time to 45 mins. You will also need to let it cool for approx an hour before being able to serve.

We, however, kept the base quantity the same and used 3/4 of the filling recipe. That seemed to work fine. Ultimately it will depend on the size of the tin you choose. Whatever you do, make sure you use a springform tin.

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