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Make bread in under an hour

Soda bread is the easiest way to turn out a tasty loaf of bread from start to finish. By ‘finish’ I mean being able to eat, so the one hour includes at least 40 mins cooking time. A great option to accompany soup or your Sunday brunch eggs.

(No complaints though if it takes you a little longer than the hour)

Pictured here is Waitrose’s Guinness and Treacle Soda bread. I have also made many times BBC Good Food’s easy soda bread recipe. In this one, rosemary is listed as optional. I have always added it and personally would not list it as optional.  If you want to make it vegan you can easily switch out the milk for soya milk. Oh and one more thing on this recipe, I use semi-skimmed milk not whole milk. I would be wary though of trying it with skimmed milk.

It is fabulous still warm with butter. I would, however, leave it a little while before slicing as it may fall apart. If you do have any left over for the next day you may find it better to toast it. If it seems a bit crumbly then toast under the grill rather than risk it falling apart in the toaster.

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