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It’s been an arty week

I’ve seen two lovely but different exhibitions this week, both in small galleries – the first was the work of Tullio Crali (1910 – 2000), an Italian Futurist at the Estorick Gallery in Islington. As well as being an introduction to a painter that I had not previously heard of, the exhibition notes gave me a greater insight into the Futurist movement. Crali’s particular interest was Aeropainting. If I’m allowed a moment to be shallow, from a purely aesthetic perspective the paintings were a pleasure to look at. The exhibition is on until 11 April.

As the exhibition is relatively small and while in Islington we also did a walk around the lovely squares in Islington which I also recommend.

The second was at the House of Illustration in Granary Square. This was of a Polish Jewish émigré, George Him (1933 – 1954). Him was a graphic designer who used humour to convey messages in wartime propaganda posters for the Ministries of Food and Information. He also had a successful career working for corporate brands such as Schweppes and The Times. What really struck me was how the messages and art still felt contemporary and relevant. The exhibition is on until 10 May.

There is a charge for both these exhibitions but membership to the Art Fund gets you half price. I’m a big fan of the Art Fund card. Although it doesn’t come with the benefits of a single gallery membership (no booking, no queuing, free entry to all exhibitions etc), it does give you half price entry to exhibitions at most of London’s major galleries (except the RA) and sometimes even gets you in for free. The scheme and therefore the benefits are also nationwide.

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