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Winter Pesto

I have just made this winter version of pesto. I am so amazed and delighted that I just have to share it with you. Those who know me well know that I try hard to buy reasonably local and seasonal – so that means no strawberries in winter or in the case of pesto basil. I do admit though that it is a minefield as tomatoes can be found in the supermarkets all through the winter grown in the UK but they generally lack much flavour and secondly green houses in the winter are not very energy friendly. But I do admit, I can be a bit inconsistent on some things (eg mangos and avocados). It is a work in progress. Concern for the climate aside, there is something quite special about eating your first strawberry in season, having English asparagus and we particularly get excited about the first brussel sprouts.

Waitrose can once again be thanked for this great recipe of Pesto made with Cavolo Nero. The recipe makes approximately 150 ml. Enjoy.

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I’d never heard of cavolo Nero until this week now I’m seeing it everywhere!
And you’ve given me a yearning for brussel sprouts! We only get them frozen in israel!

Have you ever tried Brussel Sprouts roasted with a mix of oil, butter and miso? Very tasty. Frozen sprouts would be perfect for this.

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